Lyk mobile repairs the best Ipad Pro Water Damage Repair

Lyk Mobile has the best mobile repair services. If your iPad mini, iPad Air, or iPad pro has dents, bends, LCD screen cracks, water damage, or wifi issues, You can use the repair service of Lyk Mobile. We are known for ipad pro water damage repair and other repairs.

Let’s see some repairs to the iPad

Replacement of an iPad’s screen

It depends on your iPad model. The repair prices can range from $50-$380 in Singapore. This applies to the iPad, iPad mini, and iPad pro. For more information, feel free to speak with us about repairs and replacements to your iPad’s backlight, charging port, wifi, and speaker.

We can handle any kind of repair. If your iPad has some bents, we can help with them. We can fix almost all iPad phones.

Is it worth it to restore an iPad?

Yes, you should consider repairing your iPad, but you should keep in mind where you are going to repair it in Singapore. This allows you to make an informed decision about whether repairing or purchasing is preferable.

You can also reach out to any like-minded person near you. If you urgently need an iPad repair, we can do both. We offer both speed and convenience in our return services.

ipad pro water damage repair

 about speed.

We understand your urgency for an iPad repair, and for that reason, we always repair your mobile in the shortest time possible.


We always do your mobile research very professionally. We understand the value of your penny and time. We handle repair services with great care.

How much does it cost to fix a broken iPad?

The repair prices differ. The price depends on the extent of damage to your iPad. Whether it’s dents or water damage, it is very important to speak to an experienced technician and understand the expected service cost, including the warranty.

We do all types of iPad repair.

  • Ipad screen and LCD replacement
  • Replacement Ipad battery
  • Ipad motherboard repair.
  • Ipad dent repair.
  • Ipad charging port repair
  • Clients’ best repair service

We are the expert technician in repairing work. all our experts can fix the repair on the spot within 30 minutes. our top priority is always customer satisfaction. we do our best efforts in repairing your ipads. we also do apple mobile repair services. You can also  repair your apple smartphone from us.