A complete guide on label printer Singapore

A label printer is a computer printer that uses self-adhesive label stock and card stock to print on. It is a standalone label printer with a built-in keyboard and monitor. label printer singapore differ from other printers in that they require special feed mechanisms to accept rolled or ripped sheet stock.

Thermal printers

Heat-sensitive paper is used in direct thermal printers. The life of direct thermal labels diminished when subjected to heat, direct sunshine, or chemical fumes. As a result, direct thermal labels are utilized for applications that require less time to complete, such as shipping labels.


Direct thermal printers

Thermal transfer printers use heat to permanently transfer ink from the ribbon to the label. Direct thermal printing is possible with some thermal transfer printers. PVC vinyl may extend the life of a label as evidenced by pipe markers and industrial safety labels often found in today’s marketplace. The capabilities of label printers differ depending on whether they are for household use, business use, or industrial use.

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  • Desktop label printers

With a roll of stock up to 100 mm broad, these are normally suitable for mild to medium-duty applications. They are both quiet and cost-effective. Commercial label printers are designed for medium-volume printing and can hold a bigger roll of stock up to 200 mm wide.

  • Industrial label printers

These are designed for long-term, heavy-duty use in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants. Furthermore, industrial portable label printers are designed for heavy-duty mobile applications. They are often delivered with an industrial hard case and are handled.

  • RFIDreaders

These are specialized label printers that simultaneously print and encode RFID transponders embedded in paper or writable synthetic materials. To be backward compatible with barcode systems and to allow human users to recognize the tag, RFID tags must carry printed information.


  • Labeling software

This program is meant to make and/or format labels for printing and runs on a general-purpose computer. It can employ dedicated label printers like the ones described in this article, or it can use sheet- or continuous-feed labels in a general-purpose computer printer.

  • Personal label printers

These are small desktop or portable gadgets. They’re designed for usage in a home office or a small business. These printers are normally inexpensive, making them popular among low-volume customers; nevertheless, they print on special tapes, commonly thermal, which are typically costly.

Label printer singapore systems are widely used in manufacturing and warehousing facilities where shipping cases and pallets must be labeled. With so many possibilities, selecting the best label printer for the persons needs can be challenging.