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Reseller business has become popular over time. Especially during the lockdown when businesses saw downfalls, not only the experienced resellers but people who didn’t have the digital skills also started making money.

Even the college-going students started going digital and joined different reselling programs.

So, it does have created a wider place.

When it specifically comes to best reseller hosting, the difference is only of the product while the rest of the business process is the same. All you have to do is resell the web host’s hosting services at your prices and gain profit from it.

MilesWeb offers this opportunity at a comparatively lower cost than other web hosts. A large number of resellers are active members of MilesWeb and are enjoying huge profits monthly.

The web host offers various types of reseller hosting services. Because of the budget-friendly plans and great benefits/features, MilesWeb’s clients love making money with them. Moreover, MilesWeb offers cheap shared hosting plans at an affordable price.

There are more reasons why MilesWeb is a good option if you want to start a reselling hosting company or shift to better services. Being in business for 9 years, the web host has served resellers with the best plans just so they can establish a hosting brand that clients rely on.

It is a good deal for agencies, developers and individuals to have a side income source that makes them continuous money every month apart from their professional services and businesses.

MilesWeb Linux reseller hosting offers you up to 30 accounts and up to 100 GB SSD space disk. The basic plan, which is the cheapest among all four plans allows resellers to host 5 accounts with 10 GB of SSD disk space.

For most beginners, starting with 5 accounts as a hosting reseller is more than enough. Meanwhile, they also learn and improve their skills to play big.

MilesWeb’s best selling plan is Linux SMB reseller hosting, which is priced at Rs.1,050/m after a 30% discount. The deal is you have to purchase it for 3 years. Otherwise, you can buy it at their regular cost.

SMB plan offers 20 accounts, 50 GB SSD disk space, can host unlimited domains, get unlimited email accounts and a lot more benefits.

All plans include a free SSL certificate to ensure security.

Features offered at MilesWeb reseller hosting

End-User Control Panel – MilesWeb lets you give the control panel access to your clients. They can manage their domain, emails and website from the web-based interface. Along with that, you own the right to suspend, terminate and unsuspend the accounts of the clients. Plus, you can monitor the usage of your storage and bandwidth.

Website Builder At No Cost – You and your clients can create a free website using the website builder. No coding or programming is required. You can simply drag and drop the website elements and select from the thousands of free templates available.

Choose Your Data Center – MilesWeb has its data centres at various locations across the globe. You can choose the location you want for the reselling business.

Professional email id – You can create a professional mail id for your reseller hosting business as MilesWeb offers unlimited email accounts. You can use them to send and receive emails from your customers.

 1 Click Installer – With MilesWeb Linux reseller hosting, you and your clients can install 400+ applications like Drupal, WordPress, etc., in no time.

Reseller Control Panel – You can create multiple control panel accounts for your customers and manage them as well. The admin tool gives you administrative control so you can monitor the daily activity on sites hosted under your reselling hosting account.

White Labeling– Get a 100% white labeled hosting. You can brand your reselling hosting business under your name and MilesWeb won’t show its involvement. This will increase the security of your account and establish your authenticity to the clients working with you.

30 Day Money Back – If MilesWeb reseller hosting services do not meet your expectations, you can request them within the first month of the service, and they will process the refund.

MilesWeb doesn’t allow end-user support. As a reseller of MilesWeb hosting services, you will receive 24/7 human support but, it will not support your client’s queries. You will have to manage that.

Concluding –

MilesWeb has over 1500+ active resellers. With 100% white labeled hosting, you get an opportunity to brand yourself. Branding your business also sends the message to your customers that you as a hosting provider are authentic and trustworthy.

You can also take the utmost benefit of WHM, which will help you manage billings with ease. The WHM plans are cheap. You can choose the number of users you would want to deal with and purchase the related plan.