MilesWeb Review: Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

If you have a high-demanding website or application, you should choose a web hosting service that provides top-notch performance and meets all its requirements. There are many web hosting companies, but choosing the best one is a tough job.

MilesWeb is one of the best dedicated server hosting providers with a perfect balance of performance and affordability. MilesWeb is a well-known website hosting Singapore Company that provides bare metal dedicated server hosting.

They have all of the advanced resources that your resource-intensive websites and applications require at affordable costs.

I will give you a review of their dedicated hosting in this article. It will help you to make an ideal decision before you register for the plan.

Before we get started, let’s learn about dedicated server hosting.

What Is a Dedicated Server? 

Dedicated server hosting is a powerful web hosting service where you get a server that is exclusive to your website. Meaning there will not be sharing of any server resources, giving top-notch security and performance to your website. With dedicated hosting, you also get the flexibility to configure the hardware and software requirements.

If you want to manage the highest amount of traffic on your website, dedicated hosting is a good-to-go option. Also, it is ideal for more purposes like if you want to get full control over your server, want more security and speed for your website.

The performance of your website is boosted to a new level when you opt for dedicated server hosting. MilesWeb offers super-charged dedicated hosting at an economical cost.

Specifications of MilesWeb’s Dedicated Server Plans 

MilesWeb offers sixteen cheapest Dedicated Server hosting plans, with prices that range from 6,999/mo to 46,999/mo.

In the above image, you can take a look at its dedicated server plans and pick the one that meets the requirements of your high-demanding website/application.

MilesWeb gives you plentiful resources that range as follows:

  • Bandwidth that expands up to 5TB
  • Intel CPU cores from 4 to 40
  • RAM ranging from 8GB to 256GB
  • Storage from 1TB SAS to 4×1.2TB SAS
  • 99.99% Uptime Service Level Agreement

How do I Get Started with MilesWeb’s Dedicated Hosting? 

Getting started with MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting is simple. The dedicated server hosting plans of MilesWeb are designed considering the resources and services offered. You can choose the dedicated hosting plans from the available options.

What Features Do I Get with MilesWeb’s Dedicated Hosting?

Host Unlimited Websites 

There won’t be any restriction on the number of websites you wish to host. They give you an option to migrate all your websites from shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting to a dedicated server.

SSH Root Access

SSH root access is granted with each Linux dedicated server hosting plan of MilesWeb. It gives you full control and freedom over your server that allows you to install any web applications according to your preference on the server.

Speedy Performance

When you pick dedicated server hosting for your website, there won’t be sharing of server resources. As the resources are not shared, if traffic on one website spikes, it will not affect your website. And you will get the ultimate speed and pace to your website.

No Setup and Contract Fees 

For setting up your server, MilesWeb does not take any charges from you. They set up your server for free. If you want to cancel the server, you can do it anytime. They will not take any penalty charges for the same.

Build for Maximum Security

When you opt for dedicated hosting, you get the maximum level of security for your websites. The security is all due to the physically isolated environment of a dedicated server. With a dedicated server, your website/application is less prone to threats and attacks.


You get the freedom to run custom applications on your server with a custom environment.

There is no need to worry about running heavy web applications because they run without any glitches.

99.99% Uptime Service Level Agreement 

Uptime guarantee is a standard promise in the web hosting industry that makes sure your website is available to all users at all times.

MilesWeb gives one of the industry’s highest uptime guarantees, which is 99.99% percent. The in-house support team of MilesWeb ensures that your website will always be up and functional on the internet and ensures that your visitors have a pleasant browsing experience.

Data Center in Mumbai 

MilesWeb operates a data center in Mumbai, which is a popular user destination. It is ideal for companies with a specific clientele on the Indian subcontinent. For dedicated server hosting, they offer ultra-fast bare metal dedicated servers.

Key features of the bare metal server:

  • Hardware RAID
  • Premium Bandwidth
  • Private VLAN Subnets
  • Robust Network
  • IPv4 and IPv6 address
  • Service Level Agreement


MilesWeb offers the best dedicated server hosting for your high-demanding website. Be it pricing, feature-rich services and support, MilesWeb stands first. Register for MilesWeb’s dedicated server plans and take your business to a whole new level.