What Role Do Keywords Play in SEO?

Building awareness about your brand is a very essential part of running a business. There are multiple ways of doing that, but the most efficient way of building a brand image is marketing about the brand. Now, there are various ways of marketing too, but the most efficient way is digital marketing.

Marketing through the internet not only increases your reach but also increases the precision with which you approach your audience. There are other benefits of digital marketing too like you can know the behavioural pattern of the customers and design the content accordingly. One of the core aspects of digital marketing is SEO.

SEO, an abbreviation for search engine optimisation is the algorithm that the search engine uses to rank different web pages on the search engine result page. These rankings have a governing role to play in determining the traffic on your webpage, the better the rank, the more traffic you will generate. Thus, SEO gains a lot of gravity when we talk about digital marketing.

However, SEO is not an easy task. Since there are more and more players entering the market, you must ensure that your SEO game is impeccable. This calls for an SEO expert who can upgrade your SEO game. If you are operating the business in Sydney, then the best SEO packages Sydney are available with Australian Internet Advertising.

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Importance of Keywords in SEO 

The first and the most important thing when learning to write SEO blogs is the importance and role of keywords. Keywords are the specific words or phrases which match with the query of the user and thus, generate traffic by presenting your page whenever a similar query is entered in the search engine.

There are majorly two types of keywords one, the short-tail keywords i.e., those keywords which consist of less than three words and generate huge traffic and two, the long-tail keywords which are highly intent specific. They are longer than the short-tail keywords and even though they generate less traffic, they are highly specific in their approach.

Keywords allow the search engine to understand the niche of your content. Upon knowing the niche, not only does the search engine assort the webpage on the SERP, but it also clubs the page with pages having a similar niche. This is very important for backlinking as it builds a network of pages having the same area of content.


Since the fundamentals of SEO revolve around keywords, your keyword research must be flawless. There are many tools with the help of which, you can search for the right keywords. Some of these tools let you pick other blogs which are of your niche and then after putting them in the tool, you will be able to know the niche of the blog.