Tips to Facilitate your Transition to the Cloud

Have you thought about moving your business to the cloud? If so, you are far from alone. A recent market bridge study found that 70% of small and medium businesses in every 1,000 people surveyed plan to transfer part or all of their businesses online within the next six months.

The reason for this is clear.

Moving your business to the cloud has many benefits. You can reduce IT costs, get access to your information from anywhere in the world and remain flexible, which ultimately makes it more competitive. Cloud solutions are at the point where they have a significant impact on the nature of our business. Sounds scary, and many feel intimidated by the transition of their current decisions. But the transition does not have to be difficult.

 Here are 5 tips to facilitate your business.

1) Determine the right solution for your business. There are many solutions available on the Internet, and this can be overwhelming. Look for a solution that has the most features for your business needs, all included in a solution. This will facilitate and accelerate the learning process and the transition to it. Prices will be clearer and will reduce your administrative headaches every month with fewer bills to pay.

2) Evaluate your IT tools. In most companies, employees use not only a desktop PC, but also tablets or smartphones to do business. Make sure the cloud solution you are changing to is compatible with all these devices.

3) Teach your team why this happens. People live in their comfort zones and may wonder why it is worth making the decision to transfer the business to the cloud. Indicate the reason for your decision and the benefits for them. Having them together with the changes will give you a smoother transition and you can use the new solution faster.

4) Obtain information from all departments. By giving everyone the right to vote when making a decision, you can be sure that your team will be more in tune with the transition and be ready for adaptation. In addition, you can find what your team likes and what you will use, which makes it a more effective transition to the cloud.

5) Train your team in a new solution. Take some time to learn the new solution and, as a result, your team will work in the cloud quickly and efficiently.


Cloud collaboration is the next revolution in the way we conduct business, and small businesses that want to compete must move to the cloud to stay flexible and adaptable to their customers’ needs. Use these tips to facilitate your movement. Because cloud computing is a relatively new technology, new technologies are still being developed to improve areas such as security. However, the benefits of cloud computing far outweigh the risks, so many organizations are now moving to the cloud.