What are the best hosting services for 2018?

Every website requires a web hosting plan for connecting with the larger audience. The web hosting provides a server which makes the website owners and the visitors connect. The first step in choosing any web hosting service is to analyze the needs. Since there are many different types of web hosting plans available the users will find it best to know what the needs are and then match the plans with them to finalize the plan. The Web hosts for 2018 try and provide best possible service to its users so that they opt them over others.

web hosting plan

InMotion Hosting

This hosting provider is a fully packed option for professional firms. This is suitable for individual users as well but is marketed as professional because of its fully loaded services. This service provides different plans for every business users. There are security protections which are inbuilt with these plans and come at great cost. This has a reputation for providing the service that is promised and does not offer anything which it is not able to deliver in time. Latest software and updates are used for ensuring that the websites do not have to suffer any downtime and do not have to face any changes.


The user’s who want a service which is budget friendly and which provide the best plans is the 1&1. There are a lot of perks that the users of this web hosting plan enjoy. There is free domain registry available and along with it there is also unlimited storage. They provide one of the strongest supports to its users throughout the service and have one of the best communication channels. On time back-up and high up-time are guaranteed with the use of 1&1. It is very popular amongst the users and often preferred by new users as well.


One of the largest service providers GoDaddy is a web hosting service which has a lot of new and big business under its name. it offers a wide range of plans and also known for its budget-friendly offers. It has a free backup service and allows uptime guarantee for about 99.9% time. The users enjoy working with this one and considered it a great choice.

The Webhosts for 2018 might sound like known names but they have been able to retain their service and provide the users with such service that they are not willing to change it.