Lost Your Windows 10 Password? Here’s How to Recover?

These days, we tend to use more and more secure and strong passwords for various security reasons to avoid hackers. But if your password is too tough or long to remember, there are chances that you might forget password someday and your mind will not be able to memorize it.

Recover lost or forgotten Windows 10 Password

Before you decide to format your PC or reinstall OS, be sure to try to recover your password. In this post, we are going to discuss a few easy ways to recover lost Windows 10 password for free and without losing your files on computer, for example, using Windows Registry editor, Microsoft website and using Passfolk SaverWin (Free). You can surely reset your Windows 10 password with a password reset disk but you can also do it without disk.

Method 1 – Offline NT Password and Registry Editor

It is the fastest way to recover lost Windows password which removes password from any Windows PC completely. Sadly, it is a text based program which needs great level of expertise.

  • Download offline NT Password & Registry Editor on another PC and burn ISO image file on CD or thumb drive.
  • The ISO file will create bootable disc automatically that can be used to unlock your Windows 10 PC.
  • Insert bootable drive on your system and restart and load the program.
  • Choose the partition where OS is installed.
  • Choose “Clear User Password” to remove password from PC.
  • Restart your PC and it won’t ask you to input password.

However, it is pretty difficult and it doesn’t work in 64-bit versions.

Method 2 – Using Microsoft Account

If you have locked your PC with Microsoft account, you can easily reset it with your Microsoft account with any device. Well, it works only when Email and password are used to protect your PC. It won’t work if you are using local account.

  • Simply go to https://outlook.live.com/owa/ and click “I Forgot My Password” under forgotten password page and continue.
  • Enter your email or phone number which is connected to your Microsoft Account.
  • Set up new password for your account once you get the OTP on your recovery phone or email.
  • Restart your locked system and use new password to access your PC.

Method 3 – Using Passfolk SaverWin (Free)

Passfolk SaverWin Free is an amazing password tool which can ensure the best results the way you like. It manipulates registry keys in registry directory to disable the feature of password. When you enter your system next time, you will not be asked to enter your password for account.

  • Download setup file to other system and install it
  • Right click on tool and choose “Run as administrator”
  • Plug in the empty drive and click “Burn USB” to burn the ISO file in the disk. You will be notified once done.

  • Remove the loaded disk and put it into the locked Windows 10 PC and boot with it.
  • Once it loads the program file, choose your locked account, press “Reset Password” and “Reboot” to proceed

  • It will restart and won’t ask password.

We have written many tutorials in our blog but this was one of favorite since SaverWin is totally free. Yes, NO COST AT ALL! So, go ahead and visit their official PassFolk website to use this tool.