Wi-Fi routers for long range: gaming made easy!

A Wi-Fi router is the hub of a network, connecting your entire gadgets with access to the internet. While a router is being considered, it has many features of which the most important one is the range provided by the router.

A Wi-Fi router gets you connected to the internet services! At this era of internet, the Wi-Fi routers are everywhere. Houses, offices, apartments, even moving vehicles provide us with stable connectivity through these means!

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A basic question being asked by gamers worldwide! Which one is better playing with Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi?  While the answer is much complicated, ultimately the variables and the circumstances you play at that is considered while choosing the valid answer!

WiFi for gaming

Basic difference between using Ethernet cable and Wi-Fi for gaming:

The basic difference is quite an obvious one, one will require you to physically connect and be near it, your physical presence near it is necessary but the later allows you to move places within its range.

Both the Ethernet cable and Wi-Fi are easy to use, reliable and smooth in managing them. The added advantage of using the WiFi for gaming being that a number of devices can be connected with these routers which the Ethernet cable cannot.

Consider drilling holes to run cables across your home! It’s certainly not practical, running cables around your home (not to consider the case if the house is multilevel). Or consider the case while having to stay at a rented apartment or home, you can’t even think about pulling cables through someone else’s home.

It’s certainly not that the Ethernet gaming experience is bad, the advantage of the Ethernet gaming, certainly the disadvantage of WiFi gaming is that the latter is prone to interference more. Howsoever, the selection of the router and the configuration can turn the coils here.

Another drawback of the wireless gaming is the cost of set up (installation). Considering the fact that wiring the entire house in Ethernet cable will cost you as much as the wireless solution, but if compared among the price of installation among them, the Wi-Fi gaming is a bit costly.

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