What is parental control software exactly?

Modern kids are probably not aware of the unwanted content that hanging around in internet world. probaly proper parenting is not easy in this modern age. Nowadays your kids are more at home online than you are. They are well versed in the art of computing.Many of us wouldn’t mind a  little protection when it comes to the site involves violence, cyber bullying, sexual harassment and similar matter.No need to worrying about tracking your kids.There are tons of parental control software available in the internet world. All you have to do is just install the best software on PC.It will do the rest.

This software let you monitor and control all the internet activity of your kids very easily.some of these parental control software is completely free the and some other software has pro version to access advanced features like controlling computers inbuilt camera and disc utilities.Also, they keep track of websites visited by your kids, block porn websites, malicious websites, online chat room and set the time limit for their internet usage.It gives a detailed report about your kid’s entire online activity on every single day.

Most parental control tools contain content filtering scheme.It has the ability to block website matching unnecessary categories like violence, porn, and similar matter.This content filtering is useful when it’s browser-independent and it needs to be secured HTTPS. It is worth to adopt HTTPS filtering there because probably your smart kids can easily bypass the system using some other anonymizing proxy site like Hiding My Ass. Another common feature is Access scheduling.This innovative feature offers the weekly or daily cap on internet usage.

Best features

Most parental control software includes common features such as

  • Block pornography

 Internet filter blocks unwanted content even in private browsing also.

  • View social network Activity

You can monitor time spent on social media such asTwitter, I Instagram, WhatsApp, facebook and even more.

  • Set multi-device time limits

You can easily make a customized schedule for how much internet time is allowed each day.

  • Location Tracking

Track your kid’s location.your child can use the panic button for help in case of any emergency situation.

  • Track calls& SMS

See who your kid’s text or call or you can set a list of blocked contacts. Advanced features.

Advanced features

You can let your kids can access to the specified website based on your decisions.you van limit website access to your own schedule.some software can work on all platforms like MacOS, ios, and windows.

Some software will have child accounts.there you can get activity reports for all your kid’s online activity.so that it’s easy for you to block any apps, games or the site you want visit http://topparentalcontrol.com/. You can strictly limit their purchasing activity.also, you can limit how much time your kids spend on the account. so many real world safety features are available. You can easily track your kid’s location and can limit their calls or text to the unwanted person. Other options such as ability to hide profanity and user can additionally prevent the computer’s disc-burning utilities and built  in camera.