Videoscribeis one genus of whiteboard animation tool which ensures all to add lots of various items or elements to white board canvas you can forge videos with various series of animation, can include soundtracks, voice track, and drawing effects to make audience know the story. This tool is very simple and easy-peasy for use. This tool is not at all impenetrable as compared to other many softwares which also do the same work. Videoscribe is inbuilt with different types of libraries with series of high quality of pictures or images, soundtracks. This makes your work easier as you don’t have to look over for these elements because it is already inbuilt in videoscribe. This tool has a good feature of making videos by sketching before being played.


After getting the videoscribe animation tool installed you need to create an account for videoscribe tool. After signing in this will take you to the work screen or project screen where you will find all recent saved works (if there any).  The user can create as many work folders according to his work. By clicking on rectangle box like icon with plus sign, user can create as many folders he wants to. By clicking rectangle icon, it will show a main edit screen with tool bar at the top, timeline at the bottom and canvas slot in the middle. This canvas looks like a white board slot and is stretches in all over the screen.  For elements adding, need to click on the tool bar with series of icons, where the first icon is for adding elements or image that user wants to put on his whiteboard. For adding images user has many option like first, searching from the search bar option or second, from recently used pictures or third, import pictures from the computer.

This doodle has a huge stock of all varieties of imagesso that user don’t have to create its own pictures. What user can do is just go right to the library and start browsing all these pictures on his project. All the pictures are arranged according to the category it belongs. Videoscribe review says adding text to your project is also very easy just to click on the text icon that beside the image icon. On clicking on that icon appears a window where user can type a text. That window also has options for font, style and color. Adding a sound track and voice over is also easy, is just to click on the icon beside the text icon, a library of soundtrack appears or can be import from the computer itself.

User wants to use this animation tool can visit its website and sign up, it gives 7 days’ trialversion. If user wants to upgrade to paid plans, the vendors gives a fourteen day pay back guarantee. Videoscribe review says that this doodle animation canvas tool has many features which can fulfils your needs till has some lack too. Best feature is it has ample amount of good qualities of pictures or soundtrack so that you need not to worry about creating a new element.