What does a Software Development Company do?

For knowing the working of software Development Company first we need to understand what software is.

What is software?

Software is a set of instructions given to computer to perform a particular task. As an example you can think of it as a set of steps followed for making a tea. That procedure is somewhere set in the brain. Whenever you have to make a cup of tea, the mind repeats the steps and the hand follows it. The result is a cup of steaming tea in your hands. In the similar way software is the number of steps stored somewhere in computer memory. These are executed whenever a certain result is desired.

With the help of software only the system starts, you write your articles, prepare your monthly balances, and make your presentations, watch videos and everything else you do on your system.

Some software are necessary for the functioning of hardware. These are called system software.

Some software are application specific. These are called application software. They vary from user to user as per the requirement. For example a college may need software to maintain the attendance of students and staff, a hospital to maintain medical history of patients, a bank to maintain transactions of customer and many more.

Software Development

Software development means to develop software that fulfills the demands of client. People are doing varieties of ventures, so are the varieties of their problems and so arises the need to provide tailor made solutions to each problem. For example in the same college the head of department is interested in software that gives him attendance of students and teachers, while an accountant is interested in something that can help him to maintain fee records of students, while an examiner is interested in a software that maintains fail – pass records of students.

This is not limited to a college. The types of industries running these days are vast. We have educational institutes, health care system, manufacturing industries, oil and gas industries, communication industry and many more uncountable industries. All are moving towards digitization of data and information. This has given birth to software development industry.

Software Development Company

Many people work together to provide customer oriented solution. This is not a one step process. First there is a team of developers that write the set of instructions to be performed. Then there is a team to test that software in different environments. In case of appearance of errors called bugs, it is bugged, means errors are removed. When the software is checked OK then it is handed over to the client. After that, there is a customer handling team that resolves the issues raised by the client during usage.  This is how a development company works.

These days such companies are booming high. This is because everyone is online and wants to go digital rather than old manual methods of books. It is far more beneficial in terms of creation and management. Thus, these companies are an asset not only to a nation but also to an individual.