What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a target oriented and data-driven promotion and advertisement through technology. This brand of advertising includes digital channels such as mobile applications, search engines, websites and social media. Digital marketing agency consists of services which include:

  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Search engine optimization

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

This is an organization that creates technical and strategic developments of services and products in a screen based manner. In this type of marketing, the focus is on results or ability to reach the target audience. It is basically a brand development engine that delivers quantifiable results.

Reasons why digital marketing surpasses traditional marketing

  • Digital marketing is target oriented

Digital marketing mainly focuses on targeting audiences that are relevant to your business giving a lead to persons who might eventually become your customer.

  • Real-time tracking of results

Due to the availability of analytics tools, it is possible to gain access to real-time data, monitor and measure the efficiency of your campaigns return on investments. This is not the case in traditional marketing as there is no way of finding out the number of people who viewed a magazine advertisement or even a billboard.

  • Digital marketing is cost effective compared to traditional marketing

A study reveals that it costs less for digital marketing to reach, likely 3500 people as compared to traditional marketing.

  • Direct engagement with the audience

This is mainly possible in social media marketing where it is possible to engage with the target audience as well as get direct feedback about your services.

Reasons why you should hire a digital marketing agency

  • Focus your attention towards running the business

When it comes to online marketing, a successful campaign requires the right personnel for the job. This will require recruitment and set up of the campaign team. This is both time and resource intensive. Incorporating a marketing agency solves this and the whole task is handled by the agency team freeing you up to run the business.

  • It is cost effective

For a single hire, one has access to a pool of qualified professionals. Based on your business requirements, an agency can produce a budget that is pocket-friendly.

  • Offer measurable results

All investments are result oriented. Agencies have a way of identifying metrics to follow in order to determine the effectiveness of a campaign. The use of key performance indicators helps in mapping out the performance of marketing campaigns in relation to the business objectives.

  • It is a venue for new ideas

Good agencies will come up with great ideas to give great results. They do so by assessing strategies already in use for your organization then creating new ideas from the customers’ perspective.

  • Staying relevant in your industry

Before launching a campaign, it is advisable to assess the current industry trends as well as the competitors in the industry. The agency is tasked with assessing the market trends and competitions to ensure the strategies adopted will yield maximum results.


Maybe you can no longer handle digital marketing responsibilities consistently or perhaps the traditional marketing methods are not bringing the desired results, whichever the case, a skilled marketing agency will take your marketing, return of investments, overall profitability and brand awareness to new levels.